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RSNA 2023: AI in Alzheimer’s Disease – From Early Detection to ARIA


1 min

AI in Alzheimer’s Disease: From Early Detection to ARIA

Cyrus A. Raji, MD, PhD

Artificial Intelligence, Biomarkers/Quantitative Imaging, Neuroradiology

Navigating the complexities of Alzheimer’s Disease and ARIA demands precision, speed, and accuracy — qualities that are now attainable due to advancements in artificial intelligence. This presentation aims to explore the transformative impact AI is having on these neurodegenerative conditions, opening up new care pathways from early detection to disease tracking.

With tools capable of accurate risk prediction, quantification of amyloid plaques and brain atrophy, as well as specialized algorithms for the prediction and screening of ARIA, is revolutionizing the way clinicians approach diagnosis and treatment.

Cyrus A. Raji, MD, PhD, is an assistant professor of radiology and a principal investigator in the Neuroimaging Labs Research Center at Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology (MIR). His insights will be framed by’s pioneering work, a company that has made strides in the utilization of AI-driven tools including NeuroQuant. These technologies not only enhance diagnostic capabilities but also offer the promise of more personalized and effective treatment plans for patients with dementia and ARIA.