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Automated detection and quantification of ARIA-H and ARIA-E

Our AI software enables consistent, longitudinal tracking of patients receiving anti-amyloid therapies. Offering precise therapeutic surveillance for anti-amyloid medications, it improves patient monitoring and outcomes.

Research use only – not yet FDA cleared.

AI-Assisted Monitoring of Anti-Amyloid Immunotherapies for Alzheimer's Disease.

Comprehensive FLAIR lesion segmentation and identification – within minutes. With capabilities including precise therapeutic surveillance (including detection and tracking of lesion count, max diameter, and volume) for patients on anti-amyloid medications, NeuroQuant ARIA is designed to improve patient monitoring and outcomes.



Precise monitoring of ARIA-H and ARIA-E lesion counts

OEM protocol standardization

To ensure reproducible outcomes and accuracy over time

1200 clinical sites

Extensive network of locations supports convenient patient access

Quantitative lesion detection

Use T2*GRE and FLAIR images to extract lesion quantitative measures

Longitudinal disease tracking

Monitor lesion counts and maximum diameters over time, with comparisons to baseline and prior timepoints