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Rapid, automated subregional tracer quantification

Our research-specific component of NeuroQuant® provides researchers and physicians with a cutting-edge tool for the study of frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Insight that leads to breakthrough discoveries

Automatically quantify PET tracer bindings localized to brain structures identified by NeuroQuant® 3D T1 MRI segmentation. Select between two tracers for metabolic (FDG) and amyloid-based (Florbetapir) analysis and compare visual and statistical (Z-score) comparisons of each normalized regional PET tracer value to normative population data.


Reporting options

Choice of reports corresponding to PET tracer used

Clear visualization

Color-coded, graphical reports simplify quantitative reads

24/7 access

Secure access to’s secure, cloud-based system from virtually anywhere