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Leading the way in radiology AI applications

Empowering precision in patient care

At, our mission is to improve patient care by empowering physicians and clinicians with AI solutions to better detect, diagnose, and treat diseases. By merging state-of-the-art medical imaging with the power of machine learning and clinical data, we have created advanced tools tailored for improved disease prediction and diagnosis.

Our story


Cortechs Labs founded by Anders Dale – the inventor of the pioneering volumetric post-processing software for research use, FreeSurfer – and Eric Halgren.

2002 incorporated and NeuroQuant released, marking a groundbreaking milestone in medical imaging.

Broadening focus

We have extended our solutions suite to cover a range of medical conditions, revolutionizing disease screening and early detection.

1,400 hospitals

Today, our precision volumetric analysis technology is utilized in over 1,400 hospitals and imaging centers worldwide.

Advanced radiological solutions

We continue to innovate and empower healthcare professionals in assessing and diagnosing diverse diseases and disorders.

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Meet the experts behind our industry-leading software and services.

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