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FDA-cleared automated post-processing software for head CTs

Accelerate your analysis and enhances clinical decision-making. NeuroAlign CT replaces time-consuming manual processes with leading-edge automated technology, correcting for suboptimal patient positioning and improving conspicuity.

Precision AI

19% improvement in radiologist certainty when determining a change in ventricular volume1

73% Improvement in radiologist reading efficiency when assessing a change in ventricular volume2

1. Farid, N., Goel, G., Sung, A., Yamin, G. (2017, April).
2. Chang, Y.H.A., Farid, N., Li, C.Q., Sung, A, J., (2017, Oct).

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Standardized viewing

Automatically registers head CT images to an anatomical atlas

Improved measurement accuracy

Quantifies lateral ventricle volume and calculates midline shift index

Automated quantification

Segments, quantifies, and reports lateral ventricle volume change over time