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Brain segmentation and volumetric analysis for patients with neurodegenerative diseases

Our cloud-based AI software is designed to segment, quantify, and compare brain structure volume for neurodegenerative disease. NeuroQuant® integrates seamlessly into radiology workflows and can adapt data outputs to meet your practice’s unique needs.

Identify and assess neurodegeneration in its earliest stages

Deliver the best treatment and lifestyle planning for patients by supporting your clinical impression with objective, volumetric data and color-coded brain structure analysis. With NeuroQuant®, you can increase diagnostic accuracy and reduce variability between readers.

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Change visualization

Use high-resolution 3D T1 images to detect subtle changes in ventricle expansion, tissue atrophy, and swelling.

Longitudinal disease tracking

Monitor structure volumes and visually evaluate changes using color-coded overlays and change quantification data.

Normative reference data

Compare the patient’s brain structure volume measurements to a normal population.

Accuracy across all ages

Analyze ages 3-100 using our Dynamic Atlas™ technology, validated over thousands of clinical cases.

Adaptable data outputs

Tailor solutions for a broad spectrum of neurological disorders, including white matter hyperintensities for Alzheimer’s disease.

NeuroQuant® reports

Clinically-focused reports provide precise and detailed volumetric data for the clinical assessment of brain disorders.

A sample NeuroQuant ® report

Age-related Atrophy Report For the assessment of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative conditions. Quantifies neurodegeneration of the hippocampus and inferior lateral ventricles.

Triage Brain Atrophy Report for the assessment of traumatic brain injury and other neurodegenerative conditions. Shows 47 brain structures for both the right and left hemisphere, sorted by lobe and region.

Multi-Structure Atrophy Report for the comprehensive assessment of brain volumes for age-associated neurodegenerative conditions. Supports physicians in their assessment of patients aged 3-100.

Hippocampal Asymmetry Report for the assessment of temporal lobe epilepsy and unilateral degenerative conditions. Presents absolute and relative volumes for identification of asymmetry between hippocampi.

Brain Development Report for the assessment of brain volumes for patients three years and older.

Customizable volumetrics report for the assessment of neurodegenerative conditions. Allows physicians to individually tailor NeuroQuant® volumetrics to their clinical cases.

General Morphometry Atrophy Report provides supplemental quantitative brain volume information for the assessment of neurological conditions not covered by other reports.