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Subtle Medical is a healthcare technology company making medical imaging faster, safer, and smarter.  Subtle Medical’s AI-powered software solutions, SubtlePET™ and SubtleMR™, provide the potential to radiology departments to increase workflow efficiency and improve the patient experience by enabling expedited MRI and PET image acquisition without compromising image quality.

Subtle’s vendor-neutral solutions are a software upgrade to the entire fleet of MRI and PET machines that extends scanner life with the latest technology and reduces the need to purchase new equipment. The software is a quick and simple deployment with a significant long term impact.

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SubtleMR™ is a software solution that improves the quality of faster MRI images with increased resolution and denoising.

Higher Througput

SubtleMR enables sites to acquire image sequences faster while maintaining superior diagnostic image quality.

Improved Quality

SubtleMR applies two methods of image enhancement — denoising and super resolution — to improve the image quality of faster MRI scans.

Better Patient Experience

SubtleMR gets patients in and out of the scanner faster, making the MRI procedure much more tolerable and comfortable for patients.

Reduced Wait Times

SubtleMR enables hospitals and imaging centers to scan more patients per day on their existing MRI machines, increasing scanner capacity and reducing wait times.

Fewer Repeated Scans

By reducing scan protocols and improving the quality of sub-optimal scans, SubtleMR lowers the potential of artifact-ridden images and the need for re-scans, challenges for both physicians and patients.

Ease of Use

SubtleMR fits seamlessly into your current workflow. The software sits between the scanner and PACS. Images are sent from the scanner and are processed by SubtleMR within seconds. The high-quality images are then sent back to PACS and/or other workstations.

Broad Applicability

SubtleMR is compatible with any brand or model MRI scanner and field strength with no change in workflow. It can be used to reduce image noise for the entire body, including but not limited to: Head, spine, neck, abdomen, pelvis, prostate, breast and musculoskeletal regions of the body, and is also used to increase image sharpness for head MRI.