Technical Information

NeuroQuant can only be accessed by licensed users or customers.

Recommended Scanner Settings

Download and configure appropriate NeuroQuant®, LesionQuant™, PETQuant™, and OnQ Prostate™ settings for your imaging scanner.

Online System via Automatic Upload

Depending on the product you are using, non-contrast 3D T1 MRI, 2D or 3D FLAIR and PET scans can be uploaded to our online solution via our automated CTXNode.

Online System via Manual Upload

Use our cloud-based version system to process images from a DICOM saved file on a CD/DVD. Upload MRI and PET scans to your online account and easily retrieve the results.

Installed System

Transmit images seamlessly from your scanner or through PACS to your local installed system computer and return results directly to your PACS systems or DICOM workstation.