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LesionQuant™, a NeuroQuant® product, enhances our current MRI volumetric image solution to include automated, fast and accurate FLAIR lesion segmentation and quantification.

(SAN DIEGO) Aug. 3, 2016 –, the leading medical software innovator providing solutions for quantitative brain volume analysis, is pleased to announce the release of LesionQuant LogoLesionQuant™ for FLAIR lesion identification, segmentation, and quantification. The addition of LesionQuant to the NeuroQuant® family of products marks a notable enhancement to NeuroQuant’s proven volumetric analysis capability by combining information from 2D or 3D FLAIR and 3D T1 MR images and providing lesion and brain structure quantification in a completely automated and optimized easy-to-read report.

Powered by’ NeuroQuant and Dynamic Atlas™ technology, LesionQuant delivers a comprehensive and trusted solution for consistent, quality-driven automated MR image analysis. LesionQuant is ready for clinical, research and clinical trial use, provides significant time savings over manual or semi-automatic lesion segmentation and quantification, and is available for a broad age range from 3 to 100 years. LesionQuant delivers further insight to clinicians by providing automated FLAIR lesion segmentation, quantification, and visualization.

“’ sole purpose is to enable superior clinical insight by advancing quantitative imaging to improve patient care,” said Guri Stark,’ CEO.  “The release of the LesionQuant product extension further solidifies NeuroQuant as the foremost solution in the evaluation of brain disorders. LesionQuant provides clinicians with objective, reliable and consistent quantitative information, aiding in their assessment of gray and white matter lesions, which can be found in a variety of neurological conditions, from Multiple Sclerosis to traumatic brain injury, as well as other neurological diseases.”

LesionQuant features and benefits:

  • Total number and volume of lesions
  • Lesion burden calculation
  • New and enlarging lesion identification and quantification
  • Color-coded lesion visualization
  • Color-coded lesion change visualization
  • Anatomical lesion distribution
  • Quantification of up to 8 relevant brain structures compared to our unique age- and gender-matched normative percentiles

LesionQuant licensing options are now available. For more information on LesionQuant, visit

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