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NeuroQuant®‘s Enriched Features: The Streamlined Triage Brain Atrophy Report


2 mins

In mid October, we announced the latest software release of NeuroQuant. This latest version, based almost entirely on customer feedback, adds exciting new features to the current version of NeuroQuant, including updates to the information provided in the Triage Brain Atrophy report.

The NeuroQuant Triage Brain Atrophy Report offers physicians an easy, in depth review of regional and global brain structure volumes, by providing gender and age matched normative reference values sorted by lobe and region. The resulting report and segmented images can aid clinicians in the evaluation of a brain structures, which may have been affected by injury or disease.

A Reorganized and Simplified Report Output

  • Triage Brain AtrophyNormative percentiles for 44 brain structures
    • Left, right and total structures
    • Total for lobes
  • All structures have been placed in their respective lobe
    • Cerebral brain (3 substructures)
    • Subcortical structures (5 substructures)
    • Basal Ganglia (4 substructures)
    • Cingulate (3 substructures)
    • Frontal lobe (7 substructures)
    • Parietal lobe (5 substructures)
    • Occipital lobe (2 substructures)
    • Temporal lobe (10 substructures)
  • The Z-score has been removed from the report