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NeuroQuant, Now with FLAIR


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The team is committed to providing physicians and researchers worldwide with fast, easy-to-use quantitative image analysis solutions that enable superior insight. With that in mind, we are excited to announce LesionQuant™, a notable enhancement to our trusted and proven MRI volumetric image analysis solution, NeuroQuant®. You can read the press release here.

LesionQuant combines the information from 3D T1 and 2D or 3D FLAIR MRI imaging to provide fast, quality lesion segmentation, quantification, and visualization, in addition to brain structure volume measurements. Results are available at your desktop within minutes. Ready for clinical, research and clinical trial use, LesionQuant provides significant time savings over manual or semi-automatic lesion segmentation and quantification.

Licensing options are now available. Contact us for more information. Learn more about LesionQuant.

What can you expect with LesionQuant?

Lesion Visualization
With LesionQuant, clinicians can easily review and identify lesions and changes in lesions (increasing and decreasing lesion volume) slice-by-slice through a color-coded FLAIR overlay directly on their PACS or DICOM viewer.

Comprehensive FLAIR lesion segmentation and quantification

  • Total number and volume of lesions
  • Lesion burden calculation
  • New and enlarging lesion identification and quantification
  • Anatomical lesion distribution

Quantitative measurements of brain structures
LesionQuant provides objective quantification of up to 8 relevant brain structure volumes and compares them to our unique percentile norms (age- and gender-matched) ranging from ages 3 to 100.

Additionally, when current and prior scans are available, LesionQuant can also calculate the lesion volume change from the previous scan, both numerically and graphically.

A comprehensive and trusted solution for consistent, quality-driven, automated analysis you’ve come to expect with’ products

  • Powered by NeuroQuant and Dynamic Atlas™ technology
  • NeuroQuant is FDA cleared, CE marked, and Health Canada licensed
  • Available for a broad age range from 3-100 years
  • Secure cloud or locally installed systems available
  • Compatible with 1.5T and 3.0T GE, Philips, and Siemens scanners

Learn more about integrating LesionQuant, a NeuroQuant product, into your imaging workflow here.