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IQ-AI Ltd & platform integration


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Expanded business development agreement to offer Imaging Biometrics’ products on the platform and Imaging Biometrics®, LLC (IB), a subsidiary of IQ-AI Limited (LON:IQAI), join forces to increase global access to clinical diagnostic accuracy tools. This amendment to the existing non-exclusive business development agreement entails the hosting of IB’s software on’s global delivery platform for radiology AI solutions.

With this new relationship, customers will be able to purchase IB’s automated imaging software products, which are highly synergistic with’s neuroradiology portfolio, and begin immediate use through the platform without any infrastructure changes or internal IT support. This implementation aims to increase IB’s global customer base by leveraging’s internal sales and marketing teams as well as global installed base.

IB’s exclusive algorithms advance clinical understanding of brain tumor pathology by quantitatively distinguishing tumor progression from equivocal MR or CT image artifacts.

  • IB NeuroTM, the recognized consensus standard for use in high grade gliomas, is the only commercially available, tissue validated method that automatically generates quantitative relative cerebral blood volume (rCBV) maps independent of scanner, field strength, patient or time point.
  • IB Delta SuiteTM automates quantitative difference (Delta T1) maps using pre- and post-contrast T1 weighted MRI to help clinicians clearly delineate true regions of contrast enhancement.
  • IB DiffusionTM calculates ADC maps, and other diffusion parameters such as Intra Voxel Inherent Motion (IVIM), Extrapolated b-value, and stretched exponential (Alpha diffusion and DDC). ADC values have been shown to be useful in the diagnosis and treatment monitoring of all solid tumors.
  • IB DCETM calculates parameters for solid tumor perfusion and permeability analysis and includes pharmacokinetic modeling (Tofts, Extended Tofts, and Patlak).

Michael Schmainda, CEO of IB, said, “This seamless integration of our quantitative solutions on the platform enables immediate access to best-in-class technologies for diagnosing and treating a wide range of neurological disorders.”

Many of IB’s products complement the portfolio and can now be used together to assess neurological conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, and brain cancer.

“Adding the Imaging Biometrics product suite to our AI platform will very quickly expand the availability of these products to radiology departments and imaging facilities worldwide,” said Chris Airriess, Ph.D., chief executive officer of “The integration can reduce many of the challenges typically faced by application vendors selling directly to healthcare providers.”

About is the leader in radiology AI applications, using cutting-edge advances in medical imaging to revolutionize disease screening and early detection so patients can enjoy longer, healthier lives. The company develops and markets breakthrough medical device software that quantifies and tracks neurodegenerative diseases and assists in the detection of clinically significant cancer.’s industry-leading brain imaging analysis provides radiologists, neurologists, oncologists, and clinical researchers worldwide with a convenient and cost-effective means to quantify brain structures to help assess neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, brain trauma, and brain development abnormalities. The company has FDA-cleared products for use in the diagnosis and follow up of neurodegenerative and traumatic brain conditions, as well as prostate cancer. Please visit for further information and follow us on TwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.

About Imaging Biometrics, LLC

Imaging Biometrics, a subsidiary of IQ-AI Limited (LON:IQAI), develops and provides visualization and analytical solutions that enable clinicians to better diagnose and treat diseases with greater confidence. Through close collaboration with top researchers and clinicians, sophisticated advancements are translated into platform-independent software plug-ins which can extend the base functionality of workstations, imaging systems, PACS, or medical viewers. By design, IB’s advanced visualization software seamlessly integrates into routine workflows. For more information about Imaging Biometrics, visit the company’s website at and follow us on Twitter.

Contact: Travis Foegler
Phone: +1 (619) 450-9094