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Automated brain volumetrics with


Fast, accurate, and proven automated brain image analysis. NeuroQuant is the first FDA cleared software for volumetric MRI processing

Fast, accurate, and proven automated brain image analysis

Elevate your ability to quickly assess and closely monitor neurodegenerative brain diseases with a reliable automated tool. NeuroQuant® is CE marked and was the first US FDA 510(k) cleared medical software for fully automated quantitative analysis of brain MR images.

Easy to integrate with your existing PACS system, NeuroQuant provides volumetric measurements of brain structures and compares the volumes to normative reference data adjusted for age, sex, and intracranial volume.

Replace time-consuming manual processes with leading-edge automated technology that accelerates your analysis, so you can spend more time focusing on patients.

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Benefits and Features

How will NeuroQuant Improve Your MRI Assessment?

Quantify Brain Structures

Support your clinical impression with objective, volumetric data and color-coded images of brain structures.

Save Time

Automatic brain segmentation from radiographic images (3D T1 MRI) is available in PACS in 5-7 minutes.

Track Progression Over Time

If a patient ID is already in the system, NeuroQuant will pull prior data to perform ongoing multi-time point evaluations to assess brain structure volume changes over time—all indicated on the same report.

Diagnose & Plan Earlier

Identify and assess neurodegeneration in its earliest stages to aid in treatment and lifestyle planning for patients.

Normative Reference Data

Normative reference data, based on the normative database, empowers NeuroQuant to provide comparisons of an individual’s brain structure volume measurements to a normal population.

Dynamic Atlas

Our Dynamic Atlas™ technology has been validated with over 1 million clinical cases, allowing for personalized brain segmentation of patients aged 3-100.

NeuroQuant allows neuroradiologists to quantify localized brain atrophy in minutes and compare to a large database of normal controls, which was previously not possible in a routine clinical setting.

Dr. Sunil K. Ram, MDNeuroradiologist, Scottsdale Medical Imaging

NeuroQuant Reports

Report name:

Commonly used for:

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MS, FLAIR Lesion and Atrophy Report

Multiple Sclerosis

Dementia, Age Related Atrophy Report

Alzheimer's Disease and other dementia. Memory issues related to aging.

Seizure, Hippocampal Asymmetry Report

Temporal lobe epilepsy and unilateral degenerative conditions

Pediatrics, Brain Development Report

For the volumetric assessment of patients three and older

TBI, Triage Brain Atrophy

Regional and global brain structure volumes, which could occur as a result of a brain injury or in neurodegenerative disease

Custom Report

Users can create a custom volumetric report by selecting up to 9 brain structures to assess various conditions such as ADHD and Huntington’s disease. Reporting options include the structure’s volume for the left, right, or combined hemispheres, or an asymmetry index.

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