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OnQ Neuro is FDA-cleared post-processing software used by
radiologists, oncologists, and other clinicians to assist with the analysis and quantification of MR images of brain tumors.

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Discover the Benefits of OnQ Neuro

Objective Tumor


Consistent, repeatable, quantitative 3D brain tumor volumetric analysis

Longitudinal Disease Assessment

Automated quantification and tracking of pre- and post-treatment brain tumor volumes across time

Advanced Diffusion


Unique insights of brain tumor microstructure using Patented Restriction Spectrum Imaging (RSI) technology.

Clinical Cases

Preoperative High Grade Glioma
Preoperative High Grade Glioma

OnQ Neuro provides slice by slice tumor segmentation in DICOM format for both high grade and low grade gliomas.

Postoperative High Grade Glioma
Postoperative High Grade Glioma
OnQ Neuro Report

OnQ Neuro Report

Volumetric report that tracks the tumor across time is sent to PACS.

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Advance Diffusion Analysis with Restriction Spectrum Imaging

Restriction Spectrum Imaging (RSI) is an advanced diffusion MRI technique for quantitative analysis of brain tissue microstructure. RSI utilizes a clinical multi-shell diffusion MRI protocol to differentiate cellular restricted diffusion (a hallmark signature of high-grade cancers) from extracellular hindered and free water.

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