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PETQuant: Neurodegenerative Assessment in Clinical Research


2 mins

webinar_thumbnail.pngDr. James Brewer, MD, PhD, Neurologist, UC San Diego, hosted a live webinar from our our San Diego headquarters entitled: PETQuant™: Neurodegenerative Dementia Assessment in Research. Dr. Brewer gave a fascinating and enlightening presentation about using PETQuant in clinical research and covered many topics in the video below, including:

  • Why patient native brain space is important in PET imaging
  • The value of quantifying brain structure volumes (via NeuroQuant®)
  • How PETQuant can simplify the process of interpreting PET scans
  • Several case studies

PETQuant is our recently launched for research only tool that provides brain segmentation using PET imaging studies to quantify subregional tracer binding in native brain space for FDG and Florbetapir.

If you would like more information about using PETQuant in your clinical research, please contact us.