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Poster – Performance Evaluation for Automated Lesion Segmentation Tool: LesionQuant


2 mins was pleased to present this poster at AAN in Boston – April 2017.

Quantitative measures such as lesion volume and distribution have significant value for clinicians evaluating disease progression. Clinical standards for lesion evaluation include visual inspection of MRI images, or expert manual segmentation of lesions. These subjective measurements are often vulnerable to inter- and intra-rater variability, resulting in low reproducibility.’ LesionQuant is a fully-automated lesion segmentation tool for clinical use designed to provide accurate and reproducible lesion segmentations. This study objectively demonstrates that the accuracy of LesionQuant is comparable to expert manual segmentation of lesions and had high reproducibility, making it a useful tool in the quantitative analysis of the brain lesions.

For more information about LesionQuant or this poster, contact us. Click image below to view in pdf.