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Dynamic Atlas technology offers advanced brain segmentation across a broad age range when using the NeuroQuant product line., the leading medical software innovator providing solutions for quantitative brain volume analysis, is pleased to announce the issue of U.S. patent 9,818,191 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on November 14, 2017. This new patent covers the company’s Dynamic Atlas technology for anatomical segmentation deployed by NeuroQuant software.

This latest patent for, Covariate Modulate Atlas, was spearheaded by’ Dr. Sebastian Magda and team, and includes claims for personalized, precise and accurate automatic anatomical segmentation taking into account multiple variables, including patient age and gender. already holds core anatomical segmentation patents related to this new patent: U.S. patents 7,324,842 B2 and 8,140,144 B2.

The Dynamic Atlas is a fundamental technology underlying the NeuroQuant software for post-processing of brain MR images, providing accurate and consistent brain segmentation across a broad age without atlas discontinuity, producing highly reproducible and robust quantitative brain structure volume measurements, and delivering greater scan-to-scan precision for longitudinal evaluation.

“The novelty of the Dynamic Atlas technology is in the way it personalizes brain segmentation to each patient across a very large age range, instead of a one size fits all atlas-based approach,” said Guri Stark,’ CEO. “This is a considerable advancement to our quantitative image analysis software, and allows us to better serve physicians and researchers in their assessment of neurological conditions via MR imaging. To our knowledge, no other quantitative imaging software provides this level of advanced precision segmentation.”

About NeuroQuant’ flagship product, NeuroQuant, is the first FDA 510(k) cleared, CE marked, and Health Canada, Australia, and Korea licensed medical device software providing physicians with fast, accurate, proven and fully automated quantitative 3D T1 MRI post-processing image analysis. NeuroQuant is used by physicians worldwide in patients ranging from 3 to 100 years of age as a supplemental tool to measure brain structure volumes and confidently assess the presence of neurodegeneration of brain structures.

The LesionQuant module of NeuroQuant can assist physicians in their clinical evaluation process, clinical treatment planning and monitoring of disease progression by combining T2 FLAIR with 3D T1 scans for quantitative lesion analysis. It automatically visualizes lesions and lesion volume changes and provides longitudinal changes brain structure volumes.

About develops and markets breakthrough medical device software solutions capable of automatically segmenting and quantifying brain structures, making quantitative analysis of the human brain a routine part of clinical practice.’ cutting-edge brain imaging analysis provides neurologists, radiologists, and clinical researchers worldwide with a convenient and cost-effective means to quantify subcortical structures to help assess a variety of neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, brain trauma and brain development. Please visit for further information.