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Are you using NeuroQuant® in research?


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Do you need to anonymize your NeuroQuant patient information? Do you want to export NeuroQuant data in spreadsheet form? Our system tools can help researchers or clinicians using NeuroQuant® with de-identifying patient data and exporting large or small amounts of data into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

3_ctxnode.pngAnonymizing Data
The Privacy tab in CTXNode, our DICOM proxy for securely uploading data to the NeuroQuant cloud, allows MRI scan data to be automatically de-identified when required by research or facility protocols. When this feature is enabled, several DICOM fields in the input scan can be rendered blank, encrypted or populated with replacement text. The de-identified fields will remain anonymized and the original subject information will not appear in NeuroQuant output.

To use this feature, NeuroQuant users will need to install the latest CTXNode and configure the Privacy settings to suit their needs.

CSV_output.pngCSV Data Export
A convenient export of all volumetric data from a user account is possible by means of the “Export as Spreadsheet” button on the Queue Manager page.  The tabular (CSV) output facilitates further research and comparison of NeuroQuant data. To get this output simply click on the icon and a file called “resultsTable.csv” will be saved or opened depending on your computer settings.

The CSV download capability is available on both the secure, cloud-based or locally installed NeuroQuant systems. Users will need to have the CSV export license installed to enable this feature.

If you need more information or are interested in using one or both of these features, please contact us.