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NeuroQuant 2.0 Just Got Better


2 mins

3 New Reports Available With NeuroQuant 2.0

Familiarize yourself with our three brand new NeuroQuant reports – Multi Structure Atrophy, Triage Brain Atrophy, and Brain Development Reports.

Multi Structure Atrophy Report 

  • Helpful in an atrophied brain with a high lesion burden, such as is seen in forms of Multiple Sclerosis and age associated neurodegenerative conditions.
  • Gives total brain volume, white and gray matter, thalamus and more measurements compared to age and gender matched norms.
  • Designated Report Color – Green
  • Easy recognition of reports sorted by color

Triage Brain Report

  • Multiple volume measurements sorted by lobe and brain structure sub-regions affected by trauma
  • Indicates right and left values for Z-score and normative percentile of ICV of 39 brain structures
  • Designated Report Color – Red
  • Easy recognition of reports sorted by color

Brain Development Report

  • Helpful in the assessment of pediatric brain development
  • Forebrain parenchyma and lateral ventricles for age norms 3 and up
  • Designated Report Color – Purple
  • Easy recognition of reports sorted by color

Want to learn even more about NeuroQuant 2.0? Click here to read more about NeuroQuant 2.0 features and benefits or register below to watch the following webinars:

  1. Familiarize Yourself with NeuroQuant 2.0, hosted by Chris Airriess, Chief Technology Officer, – June 11th
  2. NeuroQuant 2.0 for Neurodegenerative Assessment,hosted by Dr. James Brewer, UC San Diego – June 17th