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Did You Know? Multiple NeuroQuant Reports Can Be Generated With Only 1 Upload!


2 mins strives to offer flexibility and convenience for all aspects of automated brain image analysis products, including product licensing options. NeuroQuant users (version 2.0 and greater) can take advantage of our combo or multi report licenses, which generates 2 or up to 5 different NeuroQuant output reports, using only one MRI 3D T1 series.

If you are currently uploading the same patient MRI series multiple times to obtain two or more reports, you should consider upgrading your license to a combo or multi report. Please contact us today to speak with a member of our sales team.

NeuroQuant report licensing options are as follows with more detail provided in the graph below:

  • Single report licensing provides access to one specific NeuroQuant report.
  • Combo report licensing provides access to 2 specific NeuroQuant reports.
  • Multi report licensing provides access to any of the five NeuroQuant reports.
  • One General Morphometry Report is included with each NeuroQuant report or bundle of reports processed.

Get the most out of NeuroQuant – save time and money by upgrading to a combo or multi report license today.

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