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Webinar series: Evaluating brain volume loss


2 mins is excited to be the industry leader in developing advanced, automated medical device software that measures brain structure volumes from MRI images. Our FDA cleared (2006), CE marked (2014) and Health Canada licensed (2016) tools provide physicians with crucial quantitative measurements that can help in evaluating brain volume loss in patients with neurological conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, MS, brain trauma, epilepsy and more.

Brain atrophy, measured as brain volume loss on MRI, occurs naturally with aging, but in patients with neurological disease, brain volume loss may occur at a quicker pace. Additionally, brain atrophy has been associated with cognitive impairment and disability.

To help medical professionals learn more about how products can provide quantitative measurements from MRI brain studies, which can be used in conjunction with other clinical findings as part of their clinical assessment, we have hosted a series of webinars. You can watch them at your leisure by clicking the links below.

NeuroQuant for Neurodegnerative Assessment
Dr. James Brewer shares his experience using NeuroQuant and gives an overview about how NeuroQuant can be used in clinical practice.

An Introduction to LesionQuant: Quantitative FLAIR Lesion and Brain Volume Data for Clinical Evaluation
LesionQuant, a NeuroQuant product, provides valuable, enriching, quantitative data on brain structures and lesions, providing supportive information to physicians to aid in their clinical treatment planning and disease progression monitoring of patients with white matter diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis

PETQuant: Neurodegenerative Assessment in Clinical Research
PETQuant is a for research only tool that provides brain segmentation using PET imaging studies to quantify subregional tracer binding in native brain space for FDG and Florbetapir.

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