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Welcome to the Future – Mid-Year Review from our CEO Guri Stark


2 mins

During first half of 2015, we have continued to experience remarkable growth in all aspects of the company. Most importantly, we have added many significant new customers. We are pleased to have these new customers using NeuroQuant in their clinical and research practices and excited to see how many hospitals, clinics, imaging facilities, universities, and military and VA hospitals have recognized the importance of quantitative imaging in clinical practice.

We are definitely seeing the growth of quantitative brain imaging in a variety of clinical disciplines, from dementia, through epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injuries and a variety of pediatric disorders. In all of these, NeuroQuant is used for prediction of patient’s conversion to disease or disability before symptoms exist, diagnosis of a disease or disorder after symptoms exist, tracking and prediction of disease progression (and the impact of clinical intervention on disease progression), or clinical research and clinical trials.

On June 1st, we launched a major software release with NeuroQuant 2.0, which marked a significant upgrade to the current version of NeuroQuant. NeuroQuant 2.0 provides new and improved output reports, debuts the advanced Dynamic Atlas™ segmentation and registration technology, increases the accuracy and precision of brain segmentation and offers operating system independence. These expanded capabilities make NeuroQuant the foremost solution for the assessment of neurological conditions, from brain development anomalies to Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and brain trauma.

We welcome feedback and ideas for improvement from anybody that wants to share it with us.

Whether you are looking to learn and educate yourself about quantitative neuroimaging, or if you want to hear how to use it in clinical practice – we can help. Welcome to the future – with NeuroQuant 2.0.

Guri Stark