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Strategic relationship between quantitative imaging leader and key teleradiology company provides physicians and hospitals with comprehensive volumetric MRI reports.

(SAN DIEGO) April 8, 2014 –, Inc. is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with StatRad, LLC, a leading provider of innovative teleradiology services, which will distribute NeuroQuant® to its hospital and clinic clients. RadConnect, a division of StatRad that provides a medical image sharing platform, will also incorporate NeuroQuant into its solution.

NeuroQuant is the only FDA-cleared medical device for automatic labeling, visualization and volumetric quantification of segmentable brain structures from a set of magnetic resonance images.

“I look forward to providing our clients with NeuroQuant reports,” said Vishal Verma, MD, CEO of StatRad. “We are happy to be able to provide our customers’ referring physicians with quantitative brain volume information that they can use in their assessment of neurodegenerative disease – like Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, and TBI.  Integration of NeuroQuant into StatRad will provide more streamlined capabilities for our clients.”

StatRad and RadConnect support hospital and clinic clients across the U.S. using FDA-cleared technology to read hundreds of thousands of exams. NeuroQuant reports will be made available to hospital radiologists and referring physicians for specific Brain MRI exams.

“We are pleased to partner with StatRad, an innovative and quality-driven company,” said Guri Stark, CEO of “Working with StatRad and its clients will help us fulfill our mission to assist physicians in effectively diagnosing and treating serious neurological disorders.”

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About, Inc.

CorTechs develops and markets cutting-edge brain imaging solutions used by neurologists and radiologists in hundreds of clinics and research centers around the world.  CorTechs’ flagship product, NeuroQuant®, is a breakthrough, 510(k) cleared medical device that makes quantitative analysis of MRI images of the human brain a routine part of clinical practice.  As the only FDA cleared medical device capable of automatically detecting and quantifying atrophy in the human brain, NeuroQuant® brings sophisticated, accurate, and fully automated MRI post-processing capabilities to the physician’s desktop or mobile device. This provides neurologists, radiologists, and clinical researchers with a convenient and cost-effective means to quantify atrophy of brain structures to help diagnose a variety of brain disorders, including conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and traumatic brain injury.

About StatRad, LLC

StatRad has been supporting radiology groups through nighttime teleradiology support since 1996. The company’s proprietary internally-developed technology system was specifically built for teleradiology and provides customers with a customizable, user-friendly interface that helps radiology groups streamline processes, increase efficiencies and deliver measurable results. RadConnect, a division of StatRad, provides a medical image sharing platform and vendor neutral archive solution.


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