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NeuroQuant®: Contrast agents not required


2 mins

Factors which degrade the technical quality of MR images or pathologic processes, which significantly affect neuroanatomic structure, may decrease the accuracy of NeuroQuant® output. One of these factors is the use of contrast agents.

Contrast agents are typically used to study vasculature, something that is not needed for volumetric MR imaging. NeuroQuant requires a non-contrasted, 3D T1 sagittal sequence to segment and measure brain structure volumes.

NeuroQuant does not support a contrast enhanced study. The presence of contrast will cause misregistration of cortical and subcortical structures. The segmentation, volumetrics and normative comparisons will be inaccurate when contrast agents are used.

Some examples of NeuroQuant processed with and without contrast agents are shown below.

More information about using NeuroQuant can be found here.