is looking forward to meeting you at the 2015 Radiological Society of North America’s (RSNA) Annual Conference (November 30 – December 4) at Booth #1861 (Hall A, South).  Here are the top 10 reasons you should come talk to us about NeuroQuant:

  1. Streamline your MRI review with NeuroQuant report outputs of color-coded brain segmentation perfectly aligned to atlas with coronal, sagittal and axial images and absolute and relative volumes of a broad range of subcortical structures.
  2. Use NeuroQuant to derive meaningful, numeric data from your 3D T1 MRI scans which can help provide evidence of tissue damage and pathology.
  3. Provides help in detecting and quantifing brain atrophy to support your clinical impression with fully automated, quantitative volumetric image segmentation and analysis.
  4. NeuroQuant is the first FDA cleared and CE marked medical device software for routine clinical or research use.
  5. Obtain objective data through quantitative MRI measurements with six unique reports to aid clinical assessment and monitor disease progression.
  6. Develop a more accurate understanding of lobes and sub-regions affected by trauma or disease.
  7. Identify degeneration and mimics at the earliest stages for treatment and lifestyle planning. With NeuroQuant, statements like “mild involutional changes” and “age-appropriate atrophy” are explored more thoroughly and objectively to help you determine your patient’s clinical course.
  8. Perform ongoing patient evaluations to track brain changes in patients with atrophy which may be due to Alzheimer’s, frontotemporal dementia, dementia with Lewy bodies, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or traumatic brain injury.
  9. Reliably, consistently and accurately evaluate patients from ages 3 to 100.

    And the number 1 reason…

  10. We are eager to meet with you and discuss NeuroQuant first hand! will have a large, knowledgeable contingent at RSNA excited to demonstrate and explain the benefits of automated brain image analysis.

Convinced? Great! Stop by Booth 1861 (Hall A, South) at RSNA and let us provide you with additional information. Or schedule a meeting with us below. See you in Chicago!