NeuroQuant MSA

Multi-Structure Atrophy Report

For the assessment of brain volumes for multiple sclerosis and age-associated neurodegenerative conditions. 

The NeuroQuant Multi-Structure Atrophy Report presents volumetric information for whole brain, superior lateral ventricles, thalamus, cortical gray matter, cerebral white matter, cerebral white matter hypointensities, 3d ventricle, hippocampus, and inferior lateral ventricles. The MSA report supports physicians in their assessment of patients aged 3-100.

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Benefits and Features

How Will NeuroQuant Improve Your MRI Analysis?

Quantify Information

Support your clinical impression with objective, volumetric data and color-coded images of brain structures.

Save Time

Automatic image segmentation from radiographic images (3D T1 MRI) is available in PACS in 5-7 minutes.

Track Progression Over Time

Longitudinal reporting enables physicians to monitor structure volumes and visually evaluate changes with color-coded overlays and change quantification data when prior scan data is available—all indicated on the same report.

Diagnose & Plan Earlier

Identify and assess neurodegeneration in its earliest stages to aid in treatment and lifestyle planning for patients.

Normative Reference Data

Normative reference data, based on the normative database, empowers NeuroQuant to provide comparisons of an individual’s brain structure volume measurements to a healthy population.

Accuracy Across All Ages’s Dynamic Atlas™ technology has been validated over thousands of clinical cases, allowing for segmentation of ages 3-100.