COVID-19 Neuro-Assessments

Volumetric reporting for follow-up assessment of COVID-19 patients. is proud to be able to provide our volumetric reports as part of a COVID-19 neurological follow-up protocol using NeuroQuant, the most widely used clinical brain morphometry tool. LesionQuant FLAIR Lesion report, NeuroQuant Triage Brain Atrophy (TBA) and Custom COVID-19 reports are available as part of a suggested COVID-19 protocol available on our NeuroQuant 3.0.2 cloud-based system.

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FLAIR Lesion | COVID-19 Report

According to recent clinical findings, COVID-19 patients under the age of 50 are often presenting with large vessel strokes. The LesionQuant report has the unique feature of giving detailed volumetric structural brain measurements in addition to lesion volumes, percent of intracranial volume, and total lesion burden. With speed and accuracy, LesionQuant performs automated FLAIR lesion segmentation and quantification along with the following brain regions quantification: whole brain, thalamus, cortical gray matter, and cerebral white matter. It may also be useful in evaluating a brain with microstrokes and for short term care because it can guide more aggressive anticoagulant or antiplatelet therapy. It may also be useful for long term longitudinal tracking to measure drug effectiveness and to determine whether changes in disease-modifying therapies need to be altered.

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TBA | COVID-19 Report

The TBA report is included so clinicians can quickly identify swelling in the whole brain, and brain regions, particularly the frontal and temporal lobes as seen in some severe COVID-19 cases. For encephalitis, clinicians can quickly review volumes for the whole brain, individual lobes, and numerous structures relevant to COVID-19 providing an immediate overview from both a global and individual structure perspective.

Custom Report

The Custom COVID-19 Report includes brain structures that are potentially affected by COVID-19: cerebellum, brainstem, whole brain, frontal lobes, frontal poles, medial orbitofrontal lobes, anterior middle frontal lobes, thalamus, amygdalae and cerebral white matter hypointensities. This report will show the raw volume, percent of ICV, and normative percentiles for each structure. NeuroQuant’s custom volumetric reports were designed to provide users with flexibility in report design. The predefined COVID-19 custom report is an example of how users can create their own NeuroQuant report with structures that meet their specific needs.

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