Have You Upgraded to NeuroQuant 2.0?

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Earlier this year, NeuroQuant 2.0 was released, accompanied by a host of new benefits and features and setting a new bar for volumetric imaging.

Combining all the features and benefits, we can precisely say that NeuroQuant 2.0 is a proven medical device software for automated brain image analysis, delivering more accurate, consistent and reproducible brain volume information. NeuroQuant 2.0 provides the following benefits:

  • Age-Based Personalized segmentation using the proprietary Dynamic Atlas™ technology
  • Improved and robust segmentation even for difficult scans (due to patient anatomy or sub-optimal scan quality)
  • Improved cross scanner reproducibility
  • Greater scan to scan precision
  • Reliable segmentation and quantitative volume assessment of brain regions for ages from 3 to 100 years
  • New reports provide volumetric information and comparison to normative values for a large variety of brain structures.

Over the past few weeks, we have blogged about some topics to provide additional insight into the NeuroQuant 2.0 release. These posts provide slivers of the vast NeuroQuant 2.0 upgrade.

You can read more about those:

If you are an online user the NeuroQuant 2.0 features and improvements are already available to you! If you have any questions feel free to contact us or look for our webinars.

If you are an onsite (installed) customer and you have not yet upgraded to NeuroQuant 2.0 or are not sure if you are already on NeuroQuant 2.0, please contact us.

Don’t be left behind, schedule your upgrade to NeuroQuant 2.0 today.