NQ_image_2.pngUsing the parallel imaging option can decrease typical scanning times by about 40%. Our engineers saw scanning times* drop from 6.5 minutes to < 3 minutes. Reduced scanning time offers many important benefits, by:

  • Lowering the risk for patient motion
  • Allowing the addition of the 3D T1 sequence to many, if not all, brain imaging protocols
  • Providing the opportunity to scan more patients during the day

The 3.0 T scanner models listed below have been validated for use with NeuroQuant and shown to provide accurate and consistent segmentation as compared to a 3.0 T 3D T1 protocol without parallel imaging. The parallel imaging validation was performed and should only be used with NeuroQuant 2.0.

 GE ASSET parallel Imaging Siemens GRAPPA parallel imaging Philips SENSE parallel imaging
  • Discovery 750 3T
  • Signa 3T
  • Signa HDxt 3T
  • Verio 3T
  • Trio Tim 3T
  • Skyra 3T
  • Achieva 3T
  • Ingenia 3T
  • Intera 3T

If your scanner model is not listed and are interested in using parallel imaging to decrease typical imaging times, please contact us. We are open to working with you to get your scanner validated.

We have updated our scanner parameters to include parallel imaging. You can download them here.

* Parallel imaging scan times are estimates and may vary based on customer specific situations

Want to learn more about making NeuroQuant a routine part of your clinical practice? We will be at these upcoming conferences:

  • Meet with us the American Academy of Neurology (April 18-21 in Vancouver, BC)
  • Meet with us at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (May 8-12, Singapore)
  • Meet with us at the American Society of Neuroradiology (May 23-25, Washington, DC)
  • Meet with us the European Academy of Neurology (May 28-31 in Copenhagen)