For many neurological diseases, disease progression is accompanied by regional or generalized brain volume loss. The loss of volume can be localized and detected in specific brain structures.  Brain structure volumes can be measured non-invasively through structural MRI, and can then be quantified using automated volumetric MRI tools, such as NeuroQuant.’ automated volumetric MR imaging software offers physicians the opportunity to incorporate quantified brain volume measurements into routine practice. With NeuroQuant, clinicians have access to supplemental information for help in the evaluation and routine management of neurodegenerative conditions, where brain anatomy might be affected, for example, mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury and epilepsy.

Using MR images, the NeuroQuant software automatically and consistently identifies, labels and segments anatomic brain structures and measures their volumes. The resulting volumes are normalized for intracranial volume (ICV), sex and age, then compared to healthy norms providing physicians with a reference to that patient’s brain structure volumes, as compared to his/her age- and sex-matched peers. Physicians can evaluate this neuroimaging information via the generated reports and color-coded segmented DICOM images.

The additional neuroimaging information available through the reports and color-coded images provides physicians with clinical in vivo quantitative MRI biomarkers, which vary for each clinical application, and range from hippocampi, inferior lateral ventricles, and mesial temporal lobe, to changes in whole brain and total gray matter, to detailed evaluation of asymmetry between the left and right hippocampus.

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