Stop by A03 at EAN 2017 for a first-hand demonstration of our automated brain image analysis products! will be exhibiting at the 3rd Congress of the European Academy of Neurology (EAN) in Amsterdam. Meet with us at during the congress, 24-27 June to learn more about quantitative volumetric image products.

Support your clinical impression with fully automated, fast, accurate and proven MR image segmentation and volumetric analysis for ages 3 to 100 years.

NeuroQuant measures over 70 brain structures through 3D T1 MR images, with results available in under 10 minutes.

LesionQuant, NeuroQuant product, measures lesions and brain structures through combined 3D T1 and FLAIR MR images, with results available in under 30 minutes.

PETQuant is a fully automatic, 3D T1 MRI and PET post-processing solution that segments and quantifies PET tracer bindings localized to native brain structures, with results available in under 10 minutes. products provide DICOM segmentation overlays and a choice of quantitative reports depending on your clinical evaluation needs.

NeuroQuant and LesionQuant are FDA cleared and CE marked for measuring brain volumes from segmented brain structures. PETQuant is currently for research use only.

Be sure to schedule a meeting with us below. See you soon!