Online System via Automatic Upload

To meet our users’ unique needs, offers an automated process to upload images and retrieve results on our cloud based online solution. Depending on the product you are using, non-contrast 3D T1 MRI, 2D or 3D FLAIR and PET scans can be uploaded to our Online Solution via our automated CTXNode.

CTXNode – What is this?

CTXNode is a DICOM proxy designed to make using secure, cloud-based system as seamless as if it was on a computer installed inside your local network. CTXNode is a small Java application that runs on a local computer (Mac and Windows) inside your network and automates the task of exporting images, uploading to your online account and retrieving the results.

Using CTXNode, you will have a much more seamless online experience with our products.

NeuroQuant Quick Start Guide for automatic uploads

LesionQuant Quick Start Guide for automatic uploads

PETQuant Quick Start Guide for automatic uploads

1. Automatic Image Upload

CTXNode will start automatically and listen for incoming studies, automatically uploading them to your online account for processing.

2. Automatic Data Retrieval

When the image processing is complete CTXNode will retrieve the output data and return them to your configured PACS or viewer destination.