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Fully Automatic PET and MRI Brain Image Analysis


2 mins

Stop by Booth 116 at AAIC 2017 for a first-hand demonstration of our quantitative volumetric brain analysis products for PET and MRI. will be exhibiting at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) in London. Meet with us during the conference July 16-19 to learn more about our quantitative volumetric image products. offers physicians and researchers the ability to examine volumetric imaging biomarkers, which can be used individually or in combination in the initial and ongoing evaluation of cognitive impairment and memory loss.

  • Volumetric MRI (NeuroQuant): Quantitative measurements of segmentable brain structures
  • Volumetric PET (PETQuant): Quantitative measurements of FDG and Florbetapir radiotracing in native patient brain space for research use only

Using NeuroQuant and PETQuant, physicians and researchers have access to fully automated, fast, accurate, reproducible and proven image segmentation and volumetric analysis reports – all in under 10 minutes.

NeuroQuant is FDA cleared and CE marked for measuring brain volumes from segmented brain structures. PETQuant is currently for research use only.

Be sure to schedule a meeting with us below. See you in London!