Our latest version of NeuroQuant is based almost entirely on customer feedback that we received from previous releases. We were excited to develop some user customizable product features that enhance the experience of using NeuroQuant and LesionQuant. One of these features is the option to turn on Dark Background reports.

The Dark Background option provides radiologists and neuroradiologists the ability to comfortably review NeuroQuant and LesionQuant reports in a dark environment, such as a radiology reading room, instead of reviewing the white background reports.

Turning on this feature is easy: Simply log into the user interface, and click the Dark Background box on the Queue Monitor page. This will enable all future reports to be be sent with a dark background directly to your PACS or DICOM viewer. If you want to review any reports that were previously in the system, they will need to be reprocessed while the Dark Background box is checked.

Even when the Dark Background box is enabled, the white background NeuroQuant and LesionQuant reports are still available and can be downloaded in the user interface for sharing with referring physicians.

Visit us at RSNA Booth 3950, South Hall or check out the NeuroQuant and LesionQuant report pages to learn more.

Contact the Cortechs.ai support team, if you need help enabling this feature.