The engineering team at works tirelessly to ensure that users are satisfied with usability, accessibility and convenience of using NeuroQuant® Online. In order for NeuroQuant, a leading medical device software that is used in the post-processing of a brain MRI scans, to process images through’ secure cloud (NeuroQuant Online), two different methods are available: NeuroQuant Online via CTXNode and NeuroQuant Online via Manual Upload. Both are great options and ultimately produce the same results, but NeuroQuant Online via automated CTXNode upload provides ease-of-use and saved time.

When NeuroQuant Online was first launched, Manual Upload was the only option to process MRI scans. To use this method, the MRI tech needs to 1) export the 3D T1, non-contrast, sagittal MRI brain scan to an uncompressed archive file (to a .zip file or other file as per instructions), 2) manually upload that file to NeuroQuant Online and finally, 3) download and extract the results to import back into PACS. It is a process that has continually sought to improve.

In 2013, the engineering team at developed the CTXNode to simplify this process, allowing the scans to be uploaded automatically to the NeuroQuant Online solution, providing the same seamless process, as if NeuroQuant was installed onsite.

CTXNode is a DICOM proxy that runs on a local computer inside your network and automates the task of exporting images, then securely uploading to your NeuroQuant Online account and retrieving the results. Simply send the NeuroQuant compatible scan to the NeuroQuant/CTXNode destination, and the scan will be uploaded, processed, retrieved and returned to PACS without any further operator activity. No more manual export or import of images! No more manual uploads! NeuroQuant Online via CTXNode provides a truly seamless and fully automatic cloud experience.

This week, CTXNode 2.1 was released, further enhancing the user experience and providing an even more robust and resilient CTXNode.

  • CTXNode now automatically starts up when the computer starts. A logged-in user is not required.
  • No more pop-up warnings during normal operation – events are logged, but no longer requires operator intervention in the event of transient network issues, etc.
  • Enhanced output destination routing, based on scan origin
  • Configurable privacy tab to automatically deidentify MRI scans

Using CTXNode:

  • CTXNode runs on Mac or Windows computers.
  • CTXNode will start automatically and listen for incoming studies, securely and automatically uploading them to your NeuroQuant Online account for processing.
  • When processing is complete, CTXNode will automatically retrieve the output data and return them to your configured PACS or viewer destination within minutes.

The newly available CTX node is an example how usability and voice of the customer guides in the development and product improvement process. Improving the user satisfaction is’ main goal.

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