Are you looking to process NeuroQuant 2.3 via CTXNode,’ secure cloud-based system, or use locally installed system? Have you looked at our website and have lingering questions about how the data workflow occurs through your network? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this blog post has the answers.

What is CTXNode?
CTXNode is one of the options which is available for NeuroQuant customers to easily and automatically upload individual MRI series from any computer or device connected to the internet, and quickly receive NeuroQuant reports directly into your PACS or DICOM viewer.

Using CTXNode, users can log into the online system, from virtually anywhere, with our secure, cloud-based system. The diagram below gives a quick demonstration on how CTXNode, a DICOM proxy,  automates the process of uploading and retrieving your NeuroQuant results.

What is is the Installed System?
Using the Installed system, individual MRI scans are sent from the modality or integrated with the existing PACS solution and sent to a local network computer.

The locally installed solution is platform independent, operating on Mac, Windows or Ubuntu based systems.

The diagram below gives a quick demonstration on how the installed system processes the MRI series, creates the reports and send the reports directly back to your PACS.